The URL Google says is hacked is non-existent, I did a further search to see how Google has indexed the website using this URL and I can see a lot of non-existent URLs, perhaps which was injected a while back which is cleaned now. I want to know. How do I ask Google to remove all non-existent URL; Re-index the website

Sep 26, 2017 · Step-1) To remove URL from Google index, first, login to Google search console. Step-2) After login to Google search console, it will ask you to select your verified web property (Refer the screenshot). Here I have selected my desired web property from which I have to remove URL from Google Index system. May 20, 2015 · Copy the URL only section from the page of url results and paste it into a text editor. Delete the desired urls, and keep the urls you want to remove. A nice clean list of URLs is a great starting point for your removal requests. In the last case I dealt with, according to Webmaster tools, there was a spike from around 200 indexed URLs to over Aug 28, 2018 · In this video we will learn how to remove website URLs from Google Search console using web master tools. Google removal console, Google url removal tool, How to remove my site from google search Jul 02, 2019 · It is easy to remove URLS, Links from Google index. Just follow the below steps to remove URL of your choice. How to Remove URL from Google search? Log on to your respective Google search console account. Click on your website or blog for “Remove URL Google” request. Inside you will see Google Index option. Under remove URLS.

Once your domain name is officially verified in Google Search Console, you’ll need to do the following: Click on “Google Index” then “Remove URLs” as shown below: Then, after you have clicked on “Remove URLs”, you’ll need to click on the “temporary hide” button: Enter the URL and click “submit”.

Dec 07, 2011 · However, Google will not index the page if it’s blocked in the robots.txt file and there is an active URL removal request for the page. Please review our article on using robots.txt files to block search engines from crawling a website .

Jan 18, 2018 · So, this is the proper method to remove the URL from google search engine. If you want to remove a lot of URL at once, then you can use bulk URL removal tool. Conclusion. Use this tool to provide good quality and use the full information to Google and as well as for user and delete the unnecessary data from google search engine.

Apr 22, 2018 · Google will remove it from the cache on their own after a while, or you can use a URL removal request with “remove from cache” checked. If you control the page but do not own it, like if your content is showing up in Google+ or Google Shopping, you can still delete the page or remove it from that Google property. To delete url from the index you must return a 404 error, or 410, make a 301 redirect or put a tag/header noindex in the pages. If these url are gone and you are sure they can´t come again, the If the content is no longer available, you can request that Google remove it from Google Search results using the Remove Outdated Content tool: This request works only for pages and images that To request a removal of outdated content: Go to the Remove outdated content page. Enter the URL (web address) of the page that has the outdated content you want to remove. Select Request removal . If you see the message "We think the image or web page you're trying to remove hasn't been removed by