Jul 23, 2008

@moveitright @comcastcares I started having problems with the internet service last week after installing a new Comcast cable modem and upgrading my service for 210 TV Channels, Phone and 600-megabit internet. Jun 13, 2019 · Why is my computer slow? Your operating system has to manage the resources of your computer (memory, drive space, processing power) between all the programs that are running on it. There’s a huge number of things that may be reducing your computer’s performance, but they usually boil down to your PC’s resources being used inefficiently. Why has my Internet connection slowed down? Slow Internet access can be a right pain both at the workplace and at home. Nowadays, we demand fast access to websites and cloud services. May 07, 2020 · If you are on the Internet when your computer is slow, make sure all browser plugins are up-to-date. Advanced Solutions to Computer Running Slow Windows 10 . If the quick fixes fail to solve the computer or laptop running slow Windows 10, follow the advanced methods below to try out and speed up Windows 10. Fix 1. Delete temp files But in the past few months, I've noticed that my Web browser, Google Chrome, has really gotten slow. (I can't be positive, but I think the timing coincided with Microsoft's required update to Apr 13, 2019 · Q: The internet speed test says I have a fast connection, but why does everything still seem so slow? A: There are few things these days as frustrating as a slow internet connection, especially

Internet connections slow down for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the fault belongs to your internet service provider (ISP) and sometimes you're the culprit. It may be a little bit of both.

How Most VPNs Work and What Causes Them to Slow Down Your Internet. Slow VPN is basically a design flaw. Almost all VPNs work the same exact way. Your computer is connected to a remote server via a single secure socket. All of the data being sent to and from your computer or mobile device is first routed through the remote server.

Jun 08, 2018 · Lies! My network properties reads: -120 dBm 27asu, LTE at the time I produced that image. I have no Internet at all. The device is for all intensive purposes is useless for data. AT&T, You are lying about your 4G LTE service or you are manipulating my data service by slowing down my speed based on my device's number.

Basically, ISPs need to see your IP address to slow down your internet, and a good VPN will shield that identity -- though it comes with some downsides, which I'll discuss below. Here's how to