Nord Stream 2 construction is at the heart of Europe's energy politics [Axel Schmidt/Reuters] Kiev, Ukraine - A geopolitical wedge that deepens tensions between the United State s and Germany. A

Despite statements from Ukraine’s Naftogaz, the competitive disadvantage that Ukraine has compared with Nord Stream and the planned Nord Stream 2 pipelines is quite stark: in 2015 the net cost for Gazprom to ship 39 bcm of gas through Nord Stream to Germany’s Baltic Coast worked out at €1.86 per 1,000 scm per 100 km. Nord Stream 2: why Ukraine and Poland are against it Nord Stream 2, Libya & Ukraine on agenda (Video) 16 Shares. in Latest, Video. EU cuts Ukraine loose, energy deal must be negotiated with Russia. in Latest, News. Perry’s Attack on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 and the Empire’s Lost Grip on Reality. Nord Stream 2: Go-ahead for Russian gas pipeline angers Oct 31, 2019 NORD Ukraine - YouTube

Geopolitical, historical, and cultural factors play a role in assigning different areas of Ukraine to semi-official regions. The map on the right shows the approximate locations of some broad-brush regions. The terms "West Ukraine", "East Ukraine", "South Ukraine" and "Central Ukraine" occur in common usage.

Nord Stream 2: Ukraine concerned Russia could attack its Feb 21, 2018 Has Ukraine scored an own-goal with its transit fee

U.S. House Approves More Sanctions Related To Nord Stream 2

Anxiety in Kremlin as Nord Stream 2 pipe may be left Nov 25, 2019 Denmark Approves Route for a Controversial Russia-German Oct 30, 2019 Crew of Russia's Nord Fishing Vessel Forbidden to Leave Earlier in the day, the sailors were blocked at Hoptivka border post in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. On March 25, the Crimea-registered vessel Nord with its 10-man crew was detained in the Sea of Azov. EU position on Nord Stream 2 spells disaster for Ukraine