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Best Horror Movies of 2016: The Year's Scariest Films 2016-12-23 · 20. Carnage Park. Director Mickey Keating (Ritual, Pod) returned with his best movie yet, a gritty piece of "survival horror" that feels like a slasher directed by Western legend Sam Peckinpah.In The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2017 - Get Out isn’t just the best horror film this year: It’s easily one of the best films of the year, period, and perhaps the defining movie of 2017. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut is an incredible success, both in terms of its impressive box-office numbers and critical adoration. It’s emerging as a major Oscar contender, a rare feat for 15 Best PG-13 Horror Movies, Ranked | ScreenRant When movie lovers hear exorcism, they immediately think of one of the best horror films of all-time, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist.So, horror fans expected that The Exorcism of Emily Rose would live up to some measure of Friedkin’s masterpiece. But its PG-13 rating caused a lot of skepticism.

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The 15 Best Asian Horror Movies | ScreenRant RELATED: 10 Best Korean Horror Movies. However, as the case seems to always be, Hollywood rarely seemed to get the feel and atmosphere right when remaking Asian horror. While most Americans know about the scary, stringy-haired demonic children, there is much more to Asian horror than that. Here is a look at the best Asian horror movies of all-time. Best horror movies of 2018 to watch & stream, so far - Polygon 2018-10-26 · Horror movies ride the trends. Some years are swamped with slasher flicks.Sometimes we get zombie apocalypse after zombie apocalypse. Other years are …

The 14 Best Horror Movies of 2019 Will Make You Feel Alive With Fear. That continues in 2019—from clever reboots of classic horror flicks, twisty genre-bending films,

16 Best (Legal) Websites to Watch Free Horror Movies Online 2018-4-16 · The best websites to watch free online horror movies, legally; no need to pay rental fees or a monthly subscription to enjoy great fright flicks. Top 20 best horror flicks of all time - Entertainment