Feb 19, 2010

Jun 15, 2010 Bada – Wikipedie Operační systém Bada byl zamýšlen jako platforma, která může používat jádro Linuxu nebo jiné RTOS jádro (jádro operačního systému reálného času). Nad jádrem jsou vrstvy Device, Service a Framework. Whatsapp for BADA OS ܍ Download - WhatsApp Download

Bada OS was developed and presented in 2009. The first Bada phone – the Samsung Wave – was launched later on, in 2010. Samsung uses Bada OS alongside Android and Windows Phone, but in 2012 the development of new smartphones using Bada has been quietly halted in favor of the more popular Android OS.

Bada is a somewhat lesser known OS released by Samsung alongside with their Wave series in late 2009. Eventually, this operating system was dropped from active development in 2013 and replaced by Category:Bada (operating system) - Wikimedia Commons Picture being taken using the Samsung Wave 525 running on Bada.JPG 3,456 × 4,608; 3.74 MB Samsung bada logo.svg 208 × 85; 3 KB SamsungApps.png 306 × 419; 46 KB

Bada is an audio player, built with Java, which lets you listen to songs from your hard disk, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and other portable storage units.

바다(bada)는 삼성전자가 스마트폰 탑재를 위해 개발하였던 모바일 플랫폼의 이름이다. 현재는 개발이 삼성 타이젠 OS에 의해 중단된 상태이다. 현재는 개발이 삼성 타이젠 OS에 의해 중단된 상태이다.