Here we will discuss on moving my Craigslist ad to the top. Through Craigslist, you can arrange them on the top by re-posting. They use chronological posting system, which filtered advertisements by date and time starting with the recent post. A new post can be shown at the top of the page. Following are some steps, which brings more customers

Apr 12, 2019 OT. How Do You Renew A Craigslist Listing Weekly??? May 18, 2020 Renewing VS Reposting | CRAIGSLIST FLAGGING SERVICE This will create a brand new ad,editable and on the top of your category and hopefully ad will have a 30-day lifespan. Remember that this is the useful way to repost or renew but not always Craigslist let´s s get away with it without being deleted, ghosted or flagged. craigslist: kenosha-racine jobs, apartments, for sale

May 03, 2017

If you are living in a small populated area and there are fewer people posting on craigslist, you can flag an ad 2,3 times to get it removed. Open the ad click on Prohibited. Open the link on another device if you have like phone or laptop and flag the ad. If you are in the …

I know this post is old but I just wanted to say that for anyone who is still trying to figure this out craigslist has changed their rules listed on their site and it says any posts that are older than 30 days will no longer give you the ability to renew them after 48 hours so if you need to renew your ad or post you would then need to delete it and create a new one again with the same info

Craigslist Software | Flagging tools & Posting tools Our Craigslist Posting Software comes in the form of an auto ad renewal robot which has been carefully crafted to follow Craigslist’s posting guidelines so you don’t ruin your PVA’s (phone verified accounts) like you might with other posting programs. It reposts ads from up to 10 accounts all at once directly from your desktop, not our Craigslist Posting Service - Guaranteed Live Ads. Low Cost