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Now click “Join a Personal Area Network.” found in the Bluetooth icon in the System Tray. Click the “Add a device” button. This can be found at the top of the window. Click your iPhone Hotspot, Keep this window open. Proceed to your iPhone, it will show you a pop-up request to pair your Bluetooth devices.

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wifi - connecting my laptop to iPhone HotSpot using How to Turn On Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot. As the wireless hardware in your laptop has stopped working, there are two ways to connect to your iPhone and use its data connection: Bluetooth, and USB. When you turn Personal Hotspot on, it will allow you to use any of these three options–you don’t need to alter any settings. Why Apple’s Personal Hotspot Is a Good Idea—and How to Use The Personal Hotspot screen provides basic instructions for connecting to the iPhone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. We use Wi-Fi, since it’s easy and reliable. Depending on your carrier, you can connect a total of three to five devices through Wi-Fi to your hotspot, so you could connect your MacBook and a friend’s iPad, for example.