Since your Windows 10 PC doesn't have Bluetooth (the Xbox Wireless isn't built in), then you would either need to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC via the cable and update it, or you also have the option to use an Xbox Wireless Adapter (it looks like a flash drive) for Windows to allow for wireless play.

Jan 01, 2016 · How to connect your wired Xbox One controller on a Mac. No two syncing processes are the same, regardless of how similar they may appear. That being said, connecting a wired Xbox One controller to Mac slightly differs from the wireless version. For more support on setting up game controllers on Mac read these guides: Xbox 360 Controller on Mac In order to use Xbox Wireless, you either need an Xbox Wireless adapter plugged into your PC or you need a laptop that specifically has built-in support for that proprietary protocol, and the only laptop I'm aware of that includes that is the 15" Microsoft Surface Book 2. 1 day ago · On your Xbox, updates install automatically. However, you can check by performing the following: Step 1: Press the Xbox Button on the controller. Step 2: Select the Profile & System tab on the Jul 09, 2019 · Connect Xbox Controller To PC or Laptop Using Xbox Wireless Adapter – Method 3. For this, you have to pay some money and buy Xbox Wireless Adapter, a USB dongle that fits directly on the PC / Laptop. The adapter is available on Amazon. Buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter and Connect it to your Windows PC or Laptop. To connect a Xbox controller to your laptop you can either buy a wired controller, use a micro USB, or buy the Xbox wireless adapter. The adapter will allow you to connect your controller wirelessly if you don't like wired controllers. Jul 26, 2019 · To connect your controller, find the button on the top edge of your controller that has three curved lines going out from it. Hold down this button for a few seconds, and the Xbox button will

How to Use an Xbox One or Xbox 360 Controller With Your PC

How To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To PC (Wired/Wirelessly) Moreover, if you could connect the Xbox 360 controller to PC, you do not need to spend money on another type of PC-exclusive controller, just like you can connect the PS4 controller to PC. Now, we can see the spark in your eyes. How To Connect Xbox One Controller To PC - Guide Jul 09, 2019

You can connect an Xbox One controller to your PC via USB, Bluetooth, or an Xbox wireless adapter to play your favorite PC games.

Nov 13, 2019 How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to Windows with Sep 15, 2017 Connect an Xbox Wireless Controller to your console | Xbox