You can delete your Google Play history at any time, which will remove all of your past searches, and free up space on your phone. To delete your Google Play search history, you'll need to access

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After some more searching in settings, I have found the way to do it is to: 1) Go into "Settings" 2) Swipe sideways for "Applications" 3) Scroll down to "Search" 4) Once you have tapped ob "Search" scroll down to the bottom and there should be a delete history button (This is purely for deleting search history)!

Keep showing your new searches on this page and use them in search suggestions Clear your search history This will clear your Bing search history on this device. How to delete the google search history on my Samsung 11 months ago by admin and 690 Views . how to delete the Google search history on my Samsung android phone, I have found myself needing to delete google search history on a number of occasions on my Samsung.Each time I’ve had to do it I have used the following steps. Delete Browsing History On Any Device Fast!

Apr 12, 2018

View & delete call history - Phone app Help Learn how to check your Android version. View your call history. Open the Phone app . Tap Recent . You’ll see one or more of these icons next to each call in your list: Missed calls (red) Calls that you've answered (blue) Outgoing calls (green) View call details. To learn more about a call in your history…